Monday, April 7, 2014



“Madam, you call her, you call her here, she will do,” Omana.

“Why, can’t you do it? Aren’t you free? Or don’t like to share my work here?” Shalini.

Shalini had a maid called Sarasa. She was more than regular in her attendance in Shalini’s residence, though at times her egoistic tongue and sound were full of zing. She had mastered the archery of defending her flaws in work with words very loud .And she always used to blame her fate,“I shouldn't have done this kind of job. My fortune dumped me like this.” Shalini somehow managed her, remaining reticent in dialogue with her.

One plus point was that Shalini didn’t have to lurk for Sarasa’s influx for work. Her house-cleaning went on without  any smash. More or less Shalini who was a bit soft-hearted and soft tongued, remained averse to dismiss her
 Nowadays the maid’s knee-pain has raised a hitch to her routine. It was a blessing in disguise for Shalini to propel her maid away. She decided to call her previous maid, Omana who had to depart from Shalini due to her own personal reasons.

“I have enough time. I like to work here better than the other houses,” responded Omana.

“Then, why don’t you come?”

“But, please have Sarasa here. She will be alright within a week.”

“Did you meet her?”

“Err...I.err...didn’t. But.. let her.. come…I feel sad to work in her place. She is very much in need of money,” 
Shalini understood everything. “Omana has met Sarasa before answering my invite. She wants to labour here, at the same time her mind doesn’t permit her to take up another’s job. She values the job-ethics and so is all this hesitation to come for me."

Yes, unlike Sarasa, Omana assessed her work to be priced, though she was in a mean job for the onlookers. She didn’t wish to make Sarasa deprived of her revenue. So though unwillingly, Shalini decided to grant sick-vacation to Sarasa.

 That which is ethically wrong cannot be accepted by he that keeps moral values. 


  1. A really interesting short story. Nice to connect and follow

  2. The sense of integrity and ethics is something that transcends class and education...It cannot be taught, It is really hard to come by people with such high moral standards. Nicely done Saral!!

  3. Nice post. However, my mind thinks it is not an ethic issue. I think it is some kind of "trade union" activity. I may be wrong.

    1. Yes,possibility is there.But such things happen sometimes, as ethics have not vanished completely from the society.

  4. Great story. You're right--someone who is strong in his own ethics know what's right and wrong and won't waver from that.