Friday, April 4, 2014

Divinity! (D)


The fourth letter ‘D’ secretly occupied a holy seat in my mind travelling on the wing of ‘Divinity’, as I was sitting in the company of my system. So I chose for serving the ‘Divinity’ for ‘D’. Rallying with letters of the alphabet without touching divinity or deity will not carry any sanctity. So I am taking the liberty of emancipating some theories or beliefs (disbelief also) kept enclosed in the society here.

Deity’s existence is perhaps a question mark because the so called geniuses in the cloak of atheists deny the occurrence of a deity. I have heard them interrogate “Where was the God when Tsunami washed away lives after lives along with their belongings?”And so many other questions pertaining to such mishaps also precipitate on the surface of disbelief
The believers attribute everything positive to the divinity and the opposite to the destiny. They fail not to preach that decision, devotion, dedication and duty-mind will transmit you to destination. But it is conditional that you should deify your goal and good effort for success. Do everything upon the Great Taskmaster and his divine radiance will guide you.

Whatever it may be I believe that there is some indelible power or energy inside us or around and that is totally intangible. You call it God or Deity or even God-particle or any other name.  For example one is scared of demise which is an unwanted, unexpected caller. One cannot prognosticate when and where, how and why this guest includes one in his company. Sometimes he prefers youngsters to the oldsters even if the latter have spent a century or more of time here.

 Had everything been in man’s hand, he himself would have been scheduling his flight to the other world. Ho! Then the Earth would be overcrowded and overcrowded. Everything would be running short and the life of people would be in queues, queues and queues.

For reasons unknown some people throughout their entire life face hurdles and hardships, where as some others rejoice in the smooth flow of their life, may be because of their deed in the previous birth. They might have fallen within the grip of crime or the like. Here we can infer only one thing that good deeds earn its wage in virtues and bad in vices.

Had there been no supreme force, who or what would be controlling that which is in command of all these objects to perform their destined roles? Who prevents various articles from colliding with each other? Who shows the direction for moving objects without flaws? Had there been no imperceptible brain-let me call it brain- the whole Universe would have been an enormous mass.
So to believe Him or not is left to your perception.

“God makes and man shapes”.
“God provides for him that trusteth.”



  1. A great argument for Divinity. The question of how a man's deeds shape his destiny will always be pondered.

  2. Faith in the all-knowing force above us and beyond our control is what guides us through testing times.

  3. A Man is not ruled by heavens but by his own Will
    I believe

  4. Deep! I have a hard time believing all of this just happened and there's not a divine being overseeing it all. I can't imagine people think that this is it--when you die, you're done. If so, what was the point?

    1. These all depend on what you believe.Thank you,Stephanie.

  5. Everything is in what you believe.

  6. "Belief" is defined as ,"A vague idea in which some confidence is placed".

    1. Yes, but the idea is vivid, but the benefit you believe is vague.

  7. You have taken up a most mysterious and most meaningful word for D :) I happen to think that those who deny the existence of God also serve an important purpose in the larger plan of the Divine that is all pervading, behind and above all that happens here, there, everywhere. Yes, even behind all the bad and negative stuff is just that we can't see it because of our extremely narrow visions. But if we try, sincerely try with an open heart, we can somehow sense it, feel it almost least in those rare blessed moments. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier - it took me a while to figure out where you blog, but now I have found it :)
    Beauty Interprets, Expresses, Manifests the Eternal