Thursday, January 31, 2013

I wish I could be like_____________________ (name of person). This person is special because.............

This is in response to Preeti Shenoy’s  prompt, posted on promotion of her book ‘The Secret Wish List’ which is widely appreciated by the readers.

I wish I could be like…the list is endless since it can be any person with a special ability because this ability or calibre robs off  an important area in the main platform of my mind. Such people inspire and lure me and I adore them, though I scarcely adopt any of their means and methods. Many  an occasion I have felt that I am a misfit in the crowd of such special people. I know very well that not even a grass herb is futile  in the short span of its existence in this world. The microbes,  considered to be so fierce have their little role in salvaging the world from population explosion.   So I too have my part to play in this life drama.

The question is how important your casting is. Is it  befitting your innate potential and prospective? Has anyone acknowledged your capacity and capability, however diminutive it may be? No, the universe is not roomy enough to contain all such negligible talent. And there appears the dream I wish I could be like …..E.g. If I happen to listen to a heart-stealing music, I wish I could be like the musician. If I come about a mind-blowing dance, I wish I could be like the dancer. If I happen to read a book(blog- post also) with commendable content, I wish I could be like the writer. If I get into acquaintance with a person able for laudable oration, I wish I could be like the orator. A skilled mason, an expert cook, a smart anchor, an efficient doctor, a resourceful teacher, a patient person and the like enthuse me a lot. I wish on no account I could be a politician because  I have never been in association with politics and politicians. I find no politician with desirable character and calibre for the present. All make-belief stories they  cook for the  greed to be fulfilled. Neither they love the country nor do they serve it.

If we dip our hand in the Holy Scriptures, we can pick so many mythological personalities from them that  adorn our minds and we then wish we could be like them. Bhishmacharya,  Droupadi, Kunti, Vidura and so many others. will arouse a spirit in us, because they are the embodiments or epitomes  of  powerful specialities. But all cannot be unique because the word uniqueness will vanish,  if all are special. So let it go like this with all the varieties of human nature. Variety is the essence of nature.

Variety and diversity
pour water to the life for
people to live a life
 full of life to shun
all dryness from the life.

(All these are sheer imagination, far away from reality.)



  1. The saying goes that Hanumar does not know what his strength is. Same way, while you are wishing you could be like someone else, do you know there are many people who are wishing they could be like you! I am not saying just to please you. I mean it. As for as writing is concerned, I wish I could be like you.

    1. Thank you,SG though I do not qualify that much.

  2. Why not rather be content to be like your self?

    1. That is why my last sentence in the bracket.In reality I wish to be ever what I am and that is the practical way.

  3. Variety is the essence of nature! I liked it and it's true! It's better to learn a lot from variety of people instead of being like someone. Nice post!