Thursday, January 24, 2013

I wish I could touch...............

In response to Preeti Shenoy's prompt No.6 for the promotion of her recent novel  'The Secret Wish List' a wide reader and one of the best sellers.

If I could touch anything special …..I would touch the moon. His charming face always smiles at the beings of the earth. He demonstrates nil any partiality or prejudice to anything. He treats everyone and everything  synonymous. All the organisms enjoy a good haul of gladness from his visage. He at  regular hiatuses looms in the sky spreading and supplying sparkling luminosity to all the progenies of his neighbouring lady, our Mother Earth .The radiance that emerges out of him provides a special glow to the lovers, young couple and the other living-beings and thereby a brilliant glee. The little countenances of kids open wide with wonder and surprise at the very sight of the moon.
But the satellite moon if I can touch, I would do certain things there on its soil. I’ll take the whole lot of land(Can it be called land?) into my possession and dispense it to the landless amongst the earth-dwellers. There are people numerous and other creatures aplenty without an inch of land of their own, whereas abundant areas of land  numerous others capture within their confines. People even bewail the demise of the kin not only because of their desertion from them, but of the dearth of cremation ground also. Many people of various sects or castes do not hold a social order for a common crematorium for the carcass. So I’ll help them make their transit to the moon, be they may man or monkey, worm or wasp, rat or rhino and of any kind of life-forms. Equilibrium and equality; harmony and unity and co-operation and collaboration will be the slogan. Complete contentment will be the motto. Then the foodless, penniless, under-clothed and ill-healthy ones will own domiciles  with all the luxuries-only manual and natural. A healing touch for the hearts that bleed due to the suffocation  of sufferings, will create a heaven on the moon.
Oh! Your eye-brows become bow-like, don’t they? Where will they all acquire the essential resources from? Don’t be panicky.  If I obtain an opportunity to touch the moon that means some miracle would happen. And that miracle would turn the satellite conducive with air and water and agricultural produce for living and livelihood respectively. A wild imagination occurs here, doesn’t it?



  1. Yes , certainly wild imagination really wild.

  2. Hahaha.Imagination at riotous best.If you can do all these open a mall there!!!

    1. Mall will contain artificiality.So an ordinary rural provision store and a vegetable shop will do.Thank you, Parthasarathi.

  3. I imagine you do real estate business on moon. Nice thought..

    I am a amateur writer, begins with a short story. your feedback is needed.

  4. Real estate,that is a nice idea.Thank you,nachi.