Monday, January 28, 2013

An Encounter

[The story so far: Kishore ,a tenth std. student visited the temple.A stranger, one Mr.hariprasad tried to make friends with him.But his mother warns him to be away from strangers.The temple incident rotates the  young age of Kishore's mother through her mind. Now pl. read......


As a subservient progeny Kishore remained in his house watching T.V,  playing games and even helping his mother in cuisine. After a couple of weeks his limbs again led him to his beloved Deity in the evening. His visual organs travelled hither-thither to trace the stranger. He was discernible nowhere. Was he relieved or a bit curious to locate him? Yes, he owned both the feelings-he wanted to understand his global positioning and not also.

At the same time he wanted to gratify his mother, who was always apprehensive about her lone son. So on son’s remarks in negation about the presence of the newly arrived person, she felt a weight off her head. However the anecdote took her to an event occurred in the holy place in the vicinity of her young-age domicile. In her native village there was a holy shrine, which marked the presence of this nineteen-year-old lassie on almost all the days. She was quite pretty with an enticing mode of gait.

One day she was advancing towards her own abode through a ridge in the paddy field. And that route shrunk the kilometer from the temple to her house to its three fourth. A burly but attention-catching voice halted her,  “What is your good name?, where is your house?” She propelled her vision to the direction of the voice. Her eyes got trapped on to a young charming face of about twenty five. At the spur of a moment without her affirmation the mouth paved way for her tongue to produce a word ‘Vasanta.’  She accelerated her locomotion, as her conscience accused her for this act.

The next day it seemed that he was awaiting her. She walked past him in an unobserved manner, even though some spirit tried to arrest her. Neither she uttered anything  nor did she twist her face. Repetition of the story on the proceeding two days started slowly hauling her. Eventually both became friends. “Somehow I visualized an intimate friend of mine in you and it is my first curious experience,” said he. “ How come that I reacted in favour of that, I don’t know. Might be that my mind also analyzed a friend in you,” she responded to him.

The guy was a guest-dweller from abroad in his maternal uncle’s house. He  arrived there for a change from his job on a short vacation. His uncle had sought recently to reside in a countryside that was in that gal’s rural area. After the college-hours she did meet her new friend, who waited near the snake wood tree, stood on the mud wall. She managed to submit some reasons to the elders to be away from home. She, though naive, was the possessor of a good moral character and hence her short absence escaped unnoticed .

 Those few days carried them to the natural beauty of the lovely village that  provided them room for discussion about everything under the sky. They sat on a land- terrace  (chirra) full of flowery plants. The squirrels gnawed  the fruit of their shelter tree  without perturbing them at all. The butterflies also fluttered  a distance away, so that the young friends could have occupied in their conversation at the full range. Twenty days passed through their vision, as a movie in a C.D on fast forward form. They couldn't believe that a long period of twenty days have departed from them.

The day of bidding adieu reached so fast. The departure time  revealed one thing  that other than comradeship, something extra has developed between them. But nobody disclosed the matter on the baffling, if it was one-direction traffic. Both the hearts turned to be very weighty making the wise saying  “When the heart is full, words are few” true to the best of its meaning. Both of them thwarted the plan of tears that hanged about to jump out. They couldn't help parting. Adieu time asked them both to retreat to their respective residents. Both of them thought, “Meeting brings us glory a lot, but parting makes us really gloomy.  Every meeting has a parting and some parting may take us to a meeting again. ” Both vacated themselves from there demonstrating waving the hands.

Sarala                                                                                              .[to be cotd.]


  1. Nice continuation of the story. Waiting for the next chapter. If their love is true, why not express. I will never know if the time will wait for them or not.