Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I wish everyone loved ..........................................

 In response to Preeti Shenoy's prompt..... I wish everyone loved our own life.To facilitate this we should love each other, all others and all other things.

Of course we may find it difficult because many a time others' drawbacks only  first fall into our eyes, despite the shortcoming of ourselves. 
But if we succeed in overlooking others' demerits in the bright light of their merits, definitely we can love them.And also let's have a comparison of defects,ours with theirs, on an honest analysis, we can find that our both the legs are infected and theirs only one leg.

Besides if we can love  the nature and its resources, the horrible human devastation of nature will come to a dearth.If we keep every thing in tact in the ring of love, the heaven will be here on this planet itself.

All these are feasible only if everyone loved  everyone's life.