Thursday, January 10, 2013

‘I wish I had one more chance to……. ‘

This post is in response to a prompt by Mrs. Preeti  Shenoy, for the  promotion of her latest book ‘The Secret Wish List’ which is a wide reader.

I wish I had one more chance to……. ‘

institute my life from where I initiated. And then I would have accomplished all these activities and rectified  the ill-doings if I had a few in my original life.

To be a little kid to enjoy all the mystery  and anonymity of nature with exciting vision-the dawning day, the growing morning,the glowing noon, the fading sun and the rising moon. I would spare a bewildered look at the tall trees and weeds tiny; hushing breeze and roaring thunder and blinking  lightning  and twinkling stars. I would hang on the corner of mother’s sari and the collar of father’s shirt, filled with enthusiasm in eyes sometimes and prattling in lips some other time. I would exhibit all my obstinacy for all the yearnings to be fulfilled. I would wait for clasps and kisses from elders and return those to them with love.I would play with my friends,toys and boys without any stress and strain and tension and apprehension.

TO attain my teen obeying my parents and observing  their strength closely to be a follower of theirs, is really worth-scoring. I would care, concentrate and discharge all my duties and then argue for my rights.  I would learn compassion for the poor and ailing, destitute and desperate and count the boons and blessings that God has poured on me. I would evade myself much away from rowdies and rogues. I would be triumphant in fighting against my own weaknesses by installing in me values and virtues. 

In adulthood I would put into practice every good lesson learnt. I would be kind, merciful, duty-minded and affectionate in all the rolls and roles of womanhood and eventually turn  to be an old woman immersed in service to the needy and spirituality for the self to acquire bliss and ecstasy.

What a foolish and unfeasible idea!  If at least a substantial  percentage of people allow all these qualities of excellence  to sustain here'what a wonderful world it would be!'. Any or every silly person can imagine and dream to have any castle in his or her life and so also me.



  1. Aspirations and dreams often produce Utopia. don't they?
    What a bore it can be to be perfect in every way? Isn't it better to be imperfectly perfect ?

  2. Yes, some flaws will be or should be there.That is why the word perfect occurred in language.Perhaps dreams, away from reality can be perfect and imperfect too.Thank you.

  3. If given one more chance, anyone would like to grow up once again, more wiser, undoing the mistakes, trying to accomplish all the desired things which were left because of lost chance. Nicely expressed!:)

    You've linked the wrong URL. I'm linking the correct one for you:)

  4. It is the darkness that enables the candle appear bright is perhaps what Anil meant.Samll flaws heighten the virtues for no man or woman can be perfect.
    Is the post an extract from her book?Who are the publishers?

    1. No,I couldn't read her book till now.I'll earmark sometime for both buying and reading that book.thank you,Parthasarathi.

  5. Such a deep post, made me a bit nostalgic and left me with a smile :)

  6. Thank you,me.The child that resides in us roams about in our family-milieu.