Saturday, January 5, 2013

Mighty He is!

Caresses and cares us,the Lord Air,
Our physique and mind to be live.
During the tour entire over here
Till we take bed for our lat breath.
Treks He through our body slowly,
Collecting  waste from there freely,
And makes his exit, himself dirty,
Ringing purity bell in bladder.

Stylishly dancing like a child,
Along with his  friends on this planet, 
Holding their hands with much delight 
Helps He exhibit their fruit and flowers.
Humming a jingle,  really mellow,
Creating a highly spellbinding milieu.
In tranquil He becomes a darling,
And label him then we, as doting.

In thrill He starts an A.C and
Environment,  He crafts ready
To cool and console us from hot,
 Aha,What a good feel of comfort !
Monsoon displays a pleasing grin
In His daring notable presence turns
Monsoon her water pot upside down.
And pours down water full from storage.

 But ho! In His ferocity, crushes He
Earth’s beings and belongings
Spoiling the serenity prevalent
Brings us He troubles a lot.
Unloads completely, He his ire
Though He gets by none provoked.
And cannot one annul or revoke him
Unless He turns calm to settle stuff right.

Mighty enough, when in stormy attire
Capable He is to carry anything strong
In his wings so powerful
Drives away the cloud proud
That holds her head very high
As if she is the life giver here.
But Cloud and wind both, Earth needs

To uphold her stability and balance