Saturday, January 5, 2013

  Mighty He is!

Cares and caress,Air the Lord,
Our physique and mind live.
Till we go to the bed 
To take tour last breath..
He treks inside slowly,
Collecting the waste freely,
And makes exit, himself dirty,
And chest-bladders ringpurity bells .
Dancing as a child, in steps very stylish
Along with his plant friends, 
Holding softly their hands
Helps exhibit their fruit and flowers.
He hums a jingle, mellow,
And creates a mesmerizing milieu.
In tranquil He is a darling,
And label him,we very doting.

In fits and starts He an A.C
Environment, crafts He ready
To cool us all  from hot,
 Aha! a good feel of comfort.
Monsoon Displays pleasure
In His daring presence.
Monsoon and wind, the lover and love
Are mild sometimes and wild in no time. 

 But ho! In His ferocity,
Keeps He away from serenity
To us brings He a lot of troubles
Crushing utterly the Earth's belongings.
Brings He ever irrevocable.
Unload  on us all their ire
With  provocation from nowhere.
Nobody can, their anger, cut short,
Or to the harm brought, put a halt.

Things all does the Air,mighty squeeze,
 If He wears not  the dress of a breeze.
He even powerfully, away, carries
In his wings, the majestic clouds.
Sometimes attaining the attire of a storm
Flies into the rage of all the forms.
Together with His love, Monsoon
Slashes  the  gigantic man-built mansion.